We are an agency of communication specialists with more than 25 years of experience, founded with the conviction that culture has a transforming power.

Today, art, culture, food, wine and travel have the potential to change the way people think, feel and even imagine their future.

At MAHALA we develop comprehensive communication projects to ensure that the paths of culture intertwine and promote new ways of thinking, emphasizing knowledge at all levels. Our experience has led us to weave a network of contacts in different related sectors, generating prestigious and relevant results.

We work in collaboration with an international network of agency partners, offering creative and broad digital perspectives and original editorial approaches that connect diverse audiences with the most compelling creative assets.

We are specialized in…

We accompany our clients with…

We walk our clients through the design and implementation of their communication and influencing strategy. We work closely with each one of them, setting specific objectives and developing innovative, results-oriented proposals.

Our vision of projects is global. We approach all our clients' strategic audiences with comprehensive, personalised and multi-channel communication proposals.

Thanks to our extensive network of connections with strategic journalists in each one of the media, our coverage results are extraordinary, exponentially multiplying the return on investment.

We audit our clients’ digital presence and develop a strategic plan to improve their impact and visibility. We build up community, generate conversation and create the most appropriate content for each social media.

Storytelling is gradually replacing mere news in the media and social media. Audiences are increasingly wanting to know about the story behind a project, who were the creators and what motivated them to push it forward. We help our clients to build their own story– for a company, for a project or even for an emerging leader.

The concept of communication crisis has transformed itself since the emergence of social media, becoming a permanent challenge that companies and institutions must face practically every week. We prepare our clients to manage strategically their reputation, anticipating risks and the action plans required for each scenario. We think in terms of the future to reduce risks and achieve their influence objectives.

We design tailor-made projects for each destination and tour operator. Our methodology is adapted to the client’s needs and objectives with a single aim– to achieve real, useful and tangible results. We design communication strategies, reputation, marketing, national and international commercial plans, we advise on tourism intelligence projects, and we walk our clients through the implementation and measurement of results.

We analyse our clients’ different audiences, and help them to strengthen links with each one of them. We walk them through the creation of effective connections with institutions.

The history of our agency is closely linked to the organisation of major events. Over 25 years, we have hosted galas, corporate events, centenary celebrations, awards, congresses or important private parties, and always with a creative idea and an innovative concept as a starting point. We take care of the design and general planning of each event, and we carry out a customised follow-up, management and service to guests and authorities.

We believe in visual communication to achieve our clients’ objectives. We work on the graphic identity of each project and develop high-impact creative campaigns.